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Our Purpose


Nanyang Kuah Si Association was formed in 1954. After 7 long years of hard work and preparations, the ancestors officially established the Kuah Si Association building. This newly erected building is three-storey high, has a spacious roof and top floor, making it suitable to host large functions and events. The grandeur of the building was much more sophisticated than the usual architecture of those times, making the Kuah Si Association building stand out. The building located at 3 Jalan Kubor, is easily accessible and surrounded by various historical monuments. The clan was originally established as a support system by taking care of the welfare of fellow clan members and forging bonds amongst members, allowing clan members to weather the competition of that time together. As the clan progressed, its function evolved into caring for the education of the clan descendants so that they can be future contributors to society. After satisfying these basic needs, the association wishes to invest into charity functions, serve and value-add to the public and to develop patriotism.

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Our Association

Due to the tough economic situation back in their hometown, the founders travelled across the sea to Singapore in hopes for a better life for them and their family. Our pioneers worked in the hardware industry, toiling tirelessly for long hours, and were extremely frugal as they earned their keep. As they saved up for their families back in their hometown, they also made sure to take care of fellow Kuahs in Singapore and regarded them as one big family.

In January 1954, the pioneers had worked hard in the establishment of the Association. At that time, there were fifty-seven founders (refer to the list of founders below). Under the leadership of the founders, the Kuah Si Association and the executive committee was formed.

Founders Namelist

On September 17 1954, Kuah Association received the approval of the Registry of Societies and was officially established.  The association received overwhelming support, with participation numbers increasing exponentially. However, due to the overwhelming response, the building space was no longer sufficient. The members then started a donation drive to raise funds from friends and family to source for a new building space. Clan members donated generously, allowing the association to achieve impressive results!

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List Of Donors

The Kuah Si Association was initiated in 1954 with registration for the building approved in April. With the overwhelming support from clan members, the new building began works. In 1960, the new association building was completed and would not have been possible without the support of the donors of the clan. As a token of appreciation, Kuah Si Association created a memorial tablet to commemorate the donors. 

Towards the end of 1956, the association purchased two shophouses, Jalan Kubor No. 1 and No. 3 after the old building was demolished. The new building was completed on 5 May 1961 and cost a total of $92,000. On 10 June of the same year, the association moved into the new building. On November 10 1962, the opening ceremony and 8th anniversary of the new building was jointly held. The ceremony was a grand event, with many tables for their guests.

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1954 Kuah Si Association Opening Ceremony

(Background is a building opposite the Kuah Si Association building)

Since the formation of the association, there have been 47 committees serving the association. All previous members of the board have contributed immensely to the association, which we are extremely grateful for. Amongst the previous chairman, Head of Association Geok Lin has had the longest tenure, serving a total of 22 years. The late Head of Association Leong Bee has served a total of 21 years. Both served the association selflessly. Another notable member is the late treasurer, 秋水, who has served for a total of 22 years since the establishment of the association up till  1976. His son Tiong Guan also served as the treasurer for 11 years. The late chief of clan 长义 served as the general manager for 13 years. We give thanks to all our ancestors who have worked selflessly for the association, contributing not only with their efforts but also monetarily.


16 January 1955 First Association Committee Meeting

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65th Anniversary Celebration Photos

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Chung Hwa Medical Institution

Under the leadership of the previous board of directors, the association’s welfare increased by leaps and bounds. In order to care for the welfare of the clansmen and their children, the association established the “Scholarship for Primary and Secondary Schools” in 1965 to reward students with outstanding academic results. The “University Loan'' and  “Primary and Secondary school grant” was established in 1969 and 1971 respectively to provide financial aid to students from low-income families. In 2021, the “Excellence in Sports award” was also established to encourage focus on physical health alongside studies. All of these efforts have been strongly supported by the board of directors. Additionally, the association hands out red packets as a form of respect to the elderly annually during Chinese New Year.

The association goes beyond  just caring about their members to also caring about the country and the citizens. During nation-building days, the association donated large sums of money to the Ministry of Defense through a fundraising effort. Some of the many notable donations includes a SGD 60,000 during the 60th anniversary celebration and SGD 20,000 at the 65th anniversary celebration.


60th anniversary celebration donation

Thong Chai Medical Institution

Pei Tong Primary School

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Over the years, our association has forged close relations with Xin and Cai associations. As a sign of friendship, we make it a point to attend all kinds of grand events hosted them, so as to show our solidarity and promote the undying spirit of our family. In 1990, the 3rd Singapore and Malaysia Xinke Cai Friendship Conference was co-hosted by Xin, Cai associations and us. This event was named the Three Celebrations Ceremony because it included the celebration of the 36th anniversary of the Association and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Cai Clan Association. On October 18 and 19 1991, the Global Ke Cai Clan Association held the 6th 2nd General Assembly. Xin, Ke and Cai actively coordinated and made it a complete success. On the evening of the 19th In the auditorium of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, a family gathering banquet was held to reinforce clan allegiance.

In 2004, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Association and the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Youth Group, the Association successfully hosted the 1st ASEAN 10-country Xinke Cai Jiyang Clan Friendship Conference. The Three Celebrations Ceremony lasted 3 days, from May 27th to May 29th. The Organising Committee spent more than a year preparing for this celebration, raising nearly $400,000 yuan to renovate the 50-year-old building to give it a fresh new look. The Association delegated a committee to communicate with clan groups in many countries in ASEAN, inviting clans from all countries to participate in the grand event. This is the first time ever that the countries in the ASEAN region have gathered to celebrate together, making it a highly symbolic event. Despite this, Kuah Association has devoted itself to improving the lives of their members and families. 


Kuah Si Association Clan has been established for 68 years. During this period, it has experienced the torrent of the great era and the progression of society. Let us continue to grow and flourish hand in hand as we seek a better future together!

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